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“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.”

Seneca, Roman Philosopher

Our Mission

CareCompanion is an international research and management consulting organization. Our strategy is to work closely with the leadership of healthcare organizations to develop innovative approaches to capitalize on opportunities and solve problems and be a catalyst to accelerate your success.

Louis Pavia, President CareCompanion 

Our Capabilities

The CareCompanion team’s expertise is in strategic business planning, market and financial feasibility analysis, performance improvement strategies; service line plans; mergers, acquisitions and affiliations; physician relationship development and physician - hospital venturing.

Some results from our strategic guidance include:

A comprehensive strategic plan that led to significantly increased market share for a health system in New Jersey

A concept and strategy that won support for a replacement hospital in Virginia

A Quality Institute

A set of healthcare industry investment opportunities for a global chemical and pharmaceutical firm

Expansion of ambulatory care capacity and hospital in several communities in Texas

An innovative service line organization and physician leadership participation structure in Wisconsin

Transformation of Community Hospital to a Regional Medical Center in Indiana

The creation of a statewide multi-hospital system in Iowa

The integration of a WI health plan, physicians and hospitals into a delivery system

The merger of three hospitals into a system in New Jersey

Transfer of knowledge from US to International Healthcare System

The merger of a BCBS plan in the Mid-Atlantic region

A joint venture critical care hospital in Indiana

Joint venture cardiac cath labs, GI labs and other services in TX, MO and AZ

Various contracting and negotiating organizations and strategies

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Please feel free to contact us for more information about how we can help you define and accomplish your objectives.

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