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Case Studies

Medical Center in Central NJ

A new CEO was recruited to lead this stagnating organization. CareCompanion was selected to facilitate a comprehensive strategic planning process to rejuvenate this hospital. The process created consensus on a new vision for the organization, delineation of the strategic imperatives for success, an overall strategy, and specific recommendations for initiatives with short and long term objectives and milestones. The organization has increased market share and improved financial performance consistent with this strategy. 

Leading Clinic Driven Health System in Ohio

Lou Pavia, President of CareCompanion has led several assignments with this organization including the reconfiguration and integration of 5 physician organizations into a single entity and the design of a strategy to develop a “spectrum of senior health services” throughout the region. This project involved the definition and evaluation of the market potential and ROI for a full continuum of institutional and community services for individuals ranging from fully independent to those requiring complete care. We also examined the feasibility and advisability of participating in Medicare risk contracting. 

Strong Community Hospital in Southeastern IN

A County hospital with a good reputation and goal of meeting the needs of the community, the CareCompanion team has worked with this small integrated system for over 5 years. First we developed a comprehensive strategic plan for the organization and subsequently worked on specific initiatives and updates to that strategy. This has included facilitating a joint venture strategy for a critical access hospital with a tertiary hospital, developing a blueprint for the primary care medical group and designing a strategy to grow and expand the services of the organization.

A large University Medical School in the Midwest

A typical medical school and academic medical center with a faculty practice plan that was comprised of over 100 for profit and not for profit entities. Lou Pavia worked with the Dean of the Medical School and the Board of the Faculty Practice Plan to redesign and restructure the organization to better meet the evolving requirements for patient care, teaching and research. This project required building consensus on reconfiguring the organizational structure and leadership of dozens of separate business entities into a single cohesive organization. 

A strong Suburban Community Medical Center in WI

A high performing hospital with a strong management team seeking to continue to grow and evolve. We developed a comprehensive strategic plan for this system and assisted in implementation over 5 years. This included the exploration of strategic partnerships, identification of growth opportunities and strategic initiatives to capitalize on them, an assessment of their medical group and development of a growth strategy, analysis of a joint venture nursing home and development of a reconfiguration plan, a merger with a small hospital and the integration of the hospital into the system, design of an integrated capital budgeting process and quarterly monitoring of strategy implementation. 

An integrated Health System in TX

This system is comprised of a tertiary hospital, a 400-plus member group practice and a successful HMO and services a large regional area. We assisted the organization in planning growth strategies for three distinct geographic markets. A detailed computer model was developed to measure the interdependent variables of increasing covered lives, the need for additional physicians by specialty and the requirements for physician offices and hospital facilities. Financial forecasts and return on investment rates were developed for each market. The engagement resulted in the consensus among leadership from the three parts of the organization (hospital, medical group, health plan) on the direction and timeframe for new strategic initiatives in each of the markets.

A Health System in Eastern VA

A strong system in a competitive market, this organization selected us to develop a revenue growth strategy. The process involved assessing the market potential and identifying requirements for success given the competitive dynamics; conducting an organizational diagnostic; developing performance measures for the system and major business lines; and developing key strategic initiatives. We developed revenue growth strategies in several key areas including hospital services, post-acute services, ambulatory services, managed care, specialist physician services and consumer businesses. One critical part of the engagement was to build consensus on the rationale for a growth strategy and to analyze alternative approaches to growth opportunities. Because the transformation into a growth company would require significant and dramatic change in the organization and development of new capabilities, another key outcome was to enhance leadership’s understanding of the requirements for becoming a growth company.

Community Hospital in Southern NJ

A small Community hospital in a growing market invested in infrastructure to meet the expanding needs of the community but needed a plan to focus efforts to bring the medical staff along. CareCompanion worked with this organization to develop and implement a strategic plan. The plan involved creation of a new clinical vision, expansion of geographic markets, development of three key areas of clinical focus and creation of a quality institute.

Health System in North TX

A hospital loosing share in a very competitive market selected CareCompanion to work with them to create a competitive integrated delivery system. Assignments have included the design of a strategy to enhance the relationship between community physicians and the hospital, creation of a hospital sponsored medical group, integration of a 40 clinician medical group and design and capitalization of a Management Services Organization that links and additional 20 physician in 9 practices. 

An Academic Medical Center and a Community Hospital in VA

The two organization were competitors yet served different market segments and needed to find a way to cooperate. Our team analyzed joint program development opportunities and facilitated discussions between them which led to better understanding and cooperation.

An innovative Health System in WI

A system that includes two hospitals, a primary care medical group and a care management system that is continually seeking opportunities to improve access, quality and cost effectiveness. CareCompanion has worked with them on multiple strategic projects including a cardiology services strategy that required consolidation of two open heart surgery programs and reconfiguration of diagnostic and interventional services and a strategy to significantly increase market penetration in a targeted geographical area.

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