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CareCompanion works with you to solve your problems and capitalize on your opportunities by developing an approach that is based on the specific circumstances of your organization and informed by our experience. While your problems and opportunities are unique, there are some common challenges facing healthcare organizations today.

Strategic Planning

Strategy is fundamental to the success of any organization. CareCompanion has worked with leading organizations through comprehensive strategic planning processes that have resulted in a consensus that redefined, redirected or refocused the organization. We have also facilitated processes to refresh sound strategies to reflect changes in the market and industry and renew and reinvigorate commitment to implementation. More...


Physician Synchronization

Clinical, regulatory and financial trends are increasing the need for physicians and hospitals to work together and, at the same time, driving you apart. Synchronizing your business strategies enables you to maximize the potential for both. CareCompanion has designed initiatives benefiting both the hospital and physicians ranging from recruitment support to service line joint ventures. The key is to identify common ground and build a mutually beneficial business relationship. More...


Focused Clinical Services

CareCompanion has helped healthcare providers reorganize services to both better reflect the way patients shop for and use them and to improve clinical and financial performance. This has included changes in the way services are defined, structured, delivered, lead, managed, promoted and evaluated. More...



Clinical performance is increasing becoming the key metric for the purchase decision and the amount of reimbursement. Patient and employee safety and clinical outcomes measures are being published by payers, regulators and information brokers. CareCompanion works with providers to understand their strengths and weaknesses and put mechanisms in place that facilitate improvement. More...


Community and physician leaders have an increasingly complex and challenging responsibility. CareCompanion works with boards to organize for success, design performance gauges to monitor critical aspects of performance, implement self evaluation assessments to improve the governance process, facilitate education sessions to provide context for decision making  and conduct special projects on topic such as mergers, acquisition and affiliation to provide an objective perspective. More...

Case Studies



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