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Effective governance is a hallmark of every successful organization. This is particularly true in healthcare. The Board of an organization should be a resource for management and a fulcrum to balance long term strategy, financial stability and constituent expectations with day to day financial and operational challenges. It should also be an objective perspective to ensure the organization remains on track to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision. But even the most skilled board members with the best intentions can be frustrated by overly complex and convoluted structures, duplication of effort and poor practices and processes. While there are a set of well recognized imperatives for good governance, there are also a variety of alternative structures to achieve them. The most appropriate structure must reflect the particular circumstances of the organization and assure flexibility for continuous adjustment and improvement.



The CareCompanion team has worked with the board of several organizations to redesign their structure and composition, conduct self evaluations and reconfigure after or in anticipation of a merger or acquisition. We have also conducted numerous education session that are both informative and interesting. Clients include Sutter Health, ProHealth Care, Halifax-Fish Community Health System, Meridian Health and

Columbus Regional Hospital.

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